diabetes clinic

The purpose of the diabetes clinic is to help you maintain good health and prevent complications..

Patients are seen by both Nurse and Doctor,

Diet and exercise levels are reviewed; weight, height, waist circumference and blood sugar level recorded, and eye and foot check performed.

The following areas are covered:

Potential Complications How we screen Frequency Notes
Eyes - Retinopathy Visual Acuity, Fundoscopy One to two - yearly Optometrist or Ophthalmology review recommended 2nd yearly
Kidneys - Chronic Kidney Disease Blood and urine tests 6 monthly  
Nerve damage - Neuropathy Foot Checks 6 monthly  
Atherosclerosis - Ischaemic Heart Disease, Peripheral vascular disease Blood tests +/- ECG +/- Doppler ABI Annually The most common and preventable complication


It is important for diabetes patients controlled on tablets or insulin to understand the measures that need to be undertaken at times of illness.

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